Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager (prod by Kanye West)

After listening to the track below, I came away thinking "that sounds more like the Scotty we're used to", in terms of the sound of this track compared to his past album MOTM. From the steady drums orchestrated by @KanyeWest, to the slightly inspirational, but completely dark and haunting lyrics, it fits the mold of Solo Dolo to a T. You can definitely hear that signature beat kick on the chorus as the Louis Vouitton Don puts his stamp on the the psychadelic dream state that Cudi takes us to.

Maybe it's me because I can dig the artistic courage that it takes to be so blatantly weird and out there, but these tracks @TheRealKiDCuDi summons from his disturbed conscience are interesting at worst. The one below has yet to fully grow on me after a few listens, but the early forecast has it becoming one of my favorite songs soon. You wanna talk about a match made in heaven, listen to 808's and Heartbreak and tell me Cudi isn't a perfect match for Kanye's beats...

With Cudi's new album MOTM2 being pushed back to October 26th, we'll see if this still makes the cut, but early indications are that he didn't want it to get out since he usually posts to his blog tracks that he wants to share.

Give it a listen...

Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager (prod by Kanye West)
| Link taken down by request


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