Friday, August 13, 2010

"You Say You Got Baggage, Well I'm Packed Too, Plus I Got a Sex Pistol, Pointed Right at You"

So evidently Drake's new album, Thank Me Later didn't have quite enough R&B on as a result, he's going to release a all R&B mixtape as a follow up to Thank Me Later. Check out the interview below at the release party for the new Blackberry Torch (shouts out to GlobalGrind on the coverage), which by the way received mediocre ratings today from the telecom department at my J.O....

Product aside, it's cool that @DRAKKARDNOIR is embracing the whole writing off his Blackberry and isn't afraid to front like he always thinks of shit off the brain like he's a freestyle rapper. That's not him, he's an intelligent witty dude who, if given the chance to think up subject matter over time will continually come up with wordplay that is mind blowing and creative enough to satisfy even the harshest critics.

Which provides a perfect transition to the song below, presumably a new cut off his R&B flavored mixtape called I'm Ready For Ya. I heard a snippet a couple weeks back and apologies for the two quick tags before the first and second verses, but this track is absolute fire. The hook reeled me in on the snip with the whole:
"Yeah I hear you talkin’, don’t know who you tryin’ to flatter
Got my mind made up. I-I-I’m ready for ya
I’m in control, but with you bein’ the man
You don’t seem to understand that I-I-I’m ready for ya"
...but after hearin' the verse at the end, it was game over. If you wanna talk about taking back the fortress when it comes to getting back in touch with his fan base after his solo excursion on TML, this is the path that will continue the hype and further his name and universal fandom. I say universal fandom because out of all the albums I've shared with my Song List subscribers, TML was BY FAR the most listened to. I really thought Eminem or B.O.B would pull away, but after a month, the verdict is in, the people listened to Drizzy Drake the most...hands down.

I'm not leavin' you hangin' either, the verse below takes I'm Ready For Ya from a B- song to a legitimate A...check the verse:
Red lipstick on the wine glass, cameras in my mind flash,
Black lingerie, white diamonds, what a contrast,
I know you get impatient as the time pass, you say you want it fast,
Define fast...cause I can speed it up and make it last
And i could audition for this, and i could be part of the cast
And i could produce for your future, i could co-direct your past,
And make damn sure that you never forget it,
I'm ready,
I'm with it,
Still here like a statue, pink champagne, green ink in ya tattoos,
You say you got baggage, well im packed too,
Plus I got a sex pistol,pointed right at you “BANG!”,
The baddest women ever in the heart of south,
Proven over and over again thats why I'm hard to doubt,
Plus imyoung money ’till the death, I took the Carter route
I'm more than ready too, hope of something that you thought about
Versatility is defined by tracks like this where an R&B hook lures you in, only to get finished off by a TKO caliber verse. Revel in this and hope for more to come because there isn't anybody else out who could execute two distinct styles like ya boy Drake did on this one...

Enjoy friends...

Drake - I'm Ready For Ya
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