Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Ball on Automatic Start, I Could Hand it to Drake or do a Quarterback Draw"

From waaay outta left field comes the first single off Lil Wayne's upcoming EP titled I'm Not a Human Being EP featuring ya boy Drizzy Drake. Not gonna lie, I saw the radio rip last night and vowed to wait to post until the CDQ dropped...but it was tough resisting the post. Luckily, following Kane Beatz aka "Mr. Kane is in the building N****" has its perks...
A couple of noteworthy things about the track, the first being @DRAKKARDNOIR's verse that I know I've heard from somewhere...

...put it this way, if it weren't for video cameras in England taping radio freestyles like this, we'd think this was something completely new. That's not to take away from the verse, but in my eyes it was waaaay more potent delivered off the brain acapella that on this track. To his credit, it's well conceived verse, with below being my favorite part.
I got a small circle, I’m not with different crews
We walk the same path, but got on different shoes
Live in the same building, but we got different views
Another strange element of the track is the vanishing act Drake pulls after the first verse, which is very unlike him since he usually donates something to the hook or throws in a few ad libs. That, along with this track being released while @liltunechi is still up in Rikers, gives it sort of a cut and pasted feel to it, but I'll take cut and pasted any day of the week when these two get together. Sidebar: Check Funk Flex's interview with Weezy today from jail. Interesting that Wayne's releasing his new EP on his birthday, September 27, while he's still locked up and won't get out until early November (93 days left).

Call it a way for Weezy to help while in jail in an attempt to keep fueling the buzz that Thank Me Later (915,000 sold as of Sunday) created. Sidebar: Two interesting reactions below from Drake this week, the first being on his regret that he didn't put his 9 AM in Dallas Freestyle as the intro to Thank Me Later.

The second being him hyping (damn near Lebron/Brett Favre level) two verses that Weezy spit on the phone to him from jail. Check the reaction below..

Overall a nice, but I do expect a lot more on Carter IV if when @KANEBEATZ, @liltunechi and @DRAKKARDNOIR get together. 'Til then, you know I'm still showin' nothin' but could say I'm still on board...YMOE!!
Lil Wayne feat Drake - Right Above It (prod by Kane Beatz)
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