Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Reppin' H Town Like Phi Slama Jama"

For me it's easy to get excited about one of my favorite Hip Hop artists coming out with an album. Sure the hype won't match the type of excitement I had for a Drake, Cudi or B.O.B. album, but to me, there's a classic aura surrounding Bun-B. Both he and Pimp C ignited Texas Hip Hop in the 1990s through their group UGK and with the help of DJ Screw, made Houston a noteworthy Southern Hip Hop capitol. It's common knowledge that they helped sculpt the sound that has and will continue to come out of Texas for years to come.

Even though I have yet to take a full lap around Trill OG, it's easy to get excited about the album after listening to this lead track. Whoever decided to make this the first cut of the album knew what they were doing. The energy and in your face verses Bun spit on the track put on full display his talent at it's best. To be honest I was surprised to see Steve Below on the production since it sounded like a mix of something DJ Khalil (here and here) and The Runners would have produced. Looking closer into the tracklist, it seems like @SteveBelow has somewhat inherited and driven the sound of @bunbtrillog's new album (produced 6 or 16 tracks). Even though he has produced for tons of other artists, this will probably be his best opportunity to get his name out if he comes through with some strong beats for Bun.

From the loud, attention grabbing organs to the Texas sounding, slowed down, bangin' beat, it fits the sound of Texas Hip Hop. It was interesting Bun added in some Pimp C, sounding ad libs with his trademark "hold up" throughout the track. The real quick chopped and screwed beat stutter at the 3:24 mark makes it even more authentic Houston. I can't say I'm a huge fan of normal tracks being chopped and screwed, but some artists just sound at home when cut up, Bun-B being one. Can't wait to hear what Micheal "5000" Watts does with both Bun's new album, as well as Big K.R.I.T's new mixtape K.R.I.T. Wuz Here.

As an aside, I was a big fan of the early 80's Phi Slama Jama reference to Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon's small dynasty at Houston University. If you appreciate Texas Hip Hop and/or UGK, you'll enjoy this track a lot. I'm maintaining it's going to be damn near impossible for Bun to top II Trill, but this track is a huge step in the right direction. Give it a listen and help Bun's legendary status sell some records this next week with his album hitting stores today.

Bun-B - Chuuuch!!! (prod by Steve Below)
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