Monday, August 23, 2010

"Rumble Young Man Rumble, Life is a Trip, So Sometimes, We Gon’ Stumble"

There was a ton of chatter on Twitter last week from @kanyewest putting on full display his raw excitement surrounding his Power (remix). And his inspiration came from an eclectic group of professionals...#Understatement
Picture that..Kobe Bryant, @MOSDEF and @therealswizzz in studio? No seriously, picture it below...interesting mix of Power in the below...
Interesting combo, but but the finished product blew me away with Swizzy taking it a notch above what I thought was possible for a song I was originally lukewarm on. As a sidebar, it's pretty entertaining to witness the mutual admiration/borderline love-fest going on between @kanyewest and @justinbieber. Let's be honest if you have over 783,000 people following you on Twitter and you choose to follow one person and that happens to be Justin Bieber, it's going to draw attention. How in the hell a Kanye, Bieber and....Chef Raekwon? track is going to come to fruition is beyond me, but I wouldn't put it past them to make it work.

Shouts out to Kanye's blog, Kanye University for giving everyone the first listen on an extremely dope remix. Do 'Ye a favor and cop it on iTunes if you're feelin' the original and wanna support his work. And as usual, mad respect for @s_c_ for his contribution to this track and it's really hard for me to disagree with Kanye's statement that Swizz is one of the best ever after  hearing the trunk rattling madness that the second half of this remix turns into.

Check it out...

Kanye West feat Jay-Z - Power (remix) (prod by Swizz Beatz)
| Download


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