Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buzz Track: "Drinking Old Cheap Bottles of Wine, Sit Talking Up All Night"

Every now and then when a non-Hip Hop song catches my ear, I start to like it so much I feel inclined to post it (See 2AM Club). After a year's worth of feedback showed me some of you internuts out there like that 2AM Club post the most, I'm going to try and made a concerted effort to mix in a few contemporary/acoustic/dance tracks to set off all the Hip Hop material. For your indexing pleasure, I've started the Contemp Buzz Track label at the bottom and added it tot he 2AM Club post.

So I'll kick off my newfound sentiment with a new-ish track from an Irish rock band The Script, titled For the First Time off their upcoming album Science and Faith due out September 13th in the US. I know I know, it's starting to get some heavy rotation on the radio already, but it's got that nostalgic, everyone-can-relate-to-it sorta feel to it. When I say that I mean for example Graham Colton's track Best Days, where you can relate in so many ways to the chorus:
Don't wait for someone to tell you it's too late,
Cause these are the best days,
There's always something tomorrow,
So I say let's make the best of tonight,
Here comes the rest of our lives
While the Graham Colton track is more of an uplifting tale, giving the listener a shot of 100 proof positivity, enabling those who listen closely to spin their current life situations in a positive light, The Script details a more bleak, fighting to survive in tough economic times tale on For the First Time.
With the current worldwide economic situation fluctuating for the worse in recent years, it's these realistic tales that serve to document what it was like back then for generations after us to listen to. With lines like:
She needs me now but I can't seem to find the time
I got a new job now on the unemployment line
And we don't know how
How we got into this mess is a god's test,
Someone help us cause we're doing our best
She's in line at the door with her head held high
While I just lost my job but didn't lose my flight
But we both know how we're gonna make it work when it hurts
When you pick yourself up you get kicked in the dirt
I can't relate much to what's going on in the UK as far as the economy is concerned, but if it's anywhere near riddled in recession like the US economy has been the past couple years, then a track like this should hit home with quite a few people. It helps too that the lead singer Danny O'Donaghue steals the show with his harmonious vocals, making the subject matter of the track not seem so bad after all. Delivery is big and most people probably won't even notice the austerity of the lyrics and will mainly focus on undeniably catchy harmony...which is a good thing.

In case you haven't heard it, give it a listen and do yourself a favor and check a sneak peak of the video while you're at it...

The Script - For the First Time
| iTunes link coming


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