Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buzz Track: Shawn Chrystopher - Catch Me If You Can

Haven't heard all that much from @shawnchrys since his last Mixtape that was more than little slept on by a lotta people, but gave me plenty of material to allow the shine a little light get on him. Matter of fact this track is well worth the 99 cents that they are charging you on iTunes for one of the better Hip Hop singles this summer. The track below is the rumored first single off Shawn's upcoming LP You and Only You, due out Oct 19th. If his upcoming album were a dinner, Catch Me If You Can could be considered the fine white table cloth setting marked by the shiny cutlery around the table. The track will live up to the previous sentences' imagery and no pun intended, serve as the jumping off point for Shawn Chrystopher.  

I'm not trying to fill you up unleaded either, this one goes hard in a unique, not swagger jacking anyone by any stretch of the imagination sorta way, both beat and lyrics wise. E-quipped with a few one liners that will stick with you like "I am the only one like a missing kidney","she said she love my mind, I said I love her brain, but somehow I don't think we said the same thing" and"you ain't never in motion, like a dead verb", combined with a beat that claps you in the face on the hook, giving the track that needed energy boost that makes you wanna repeat the hook and waive at any hater. After a little research, it isn't a huge surprise that Cameron Wallace or Ferris Bueller who produced the track, was also mentioned on the production credits of Upgrade U by Beyonce. Same sort of bangin' sound on the beat on both tracks, but no hateration comin' from this way, shit sounds fantabulous with a side cookies and cream, it's that good...

I for one will be sharing this with everyone within listening distance of my car as I wave hi to the haters mean muggin'. Oh yea, and in case you missed it last March, check out his latest mixtape titled The Audition, available for free to download off his site honourrollstudent.com. Shawn Chrs is a smart dude and you'd be hard pressed to find another college grad that is as devoted to Hip Hop as he is...

Give it a listen x 3....I see you....Hi Hateeeerrs!!

Shawn Chrystopher - Catch Me If You Can (prod by Cameron Wallace)
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