Friday, August 27, 2010

Sample Justice: Rick Ross - Audio Meth vs Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Part II)

You had better come strong with little to no half steppin' when attempting to sample a revered Hip Hop classic like @HAVOCMOBBDEEP and @prodigymobbdeep's Shook Ones Part II. It's kinda sad most people now associate the original beat of this track to the video below:

...but I digress, Em did kill that freestyle and that scene still gives me chills when I watch it. The way Em tears down his own character, battle-rap style, leaving the Away Team crowd in complete favor of him before he drops the mic like it's white hot (pardon the pun).

Pre-8 Mile, I had every single bar of Mobb Deep's original version memorized...I'm talkin' Biggie - Juicy kinda memorization. I agree with Diddy, you can't call yourself a fan of Hip Hop if every single word doesn't fly out of your mouth when that classic comes on.

While I tend to favor Prodigy's verses over Havoc's on most tracks, it's like splitting hairs on this one with both being on point like @oneandonlycp3. Matter of fact, please do yourself a favor if you're not familiar with the original by pressing play below.

Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Part II)
| Download

I'm betting if you're not active among the blogs you probably missed the bonus track off @rickross305's new album Teflon Don titled Audio Meth. Couple things I really like about this track, for one, @THERUNNERS did a great job at taking the most notable part of the beat and running with it (dammit I need to stop the puns). It wasn't too over the top and they meshed it well with Ricky Rosay's style in my humble opinion. Another great addition to the track was NY's own Chef Raekwon, who gave it the NY flavor that the original track had with both Havoc and Prodigy being from Queensbridge. @raekwon has been bringin' it of late and killed double R on his own track...#Truth

Overall a solid use of the sample, I've got no beef with the way The Runners sampled it. If you haven't heard it make a point to check it out because other than B.M.F., this was the highlight of his new album...

Rick Ross feat Raekwon - Audio Meth (prod by The Runners)
| Download


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