Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bassnectar's Music Can Transport You to Other Worlds

Wobbly, deep, ethereal, and vibrant are all adjectives I'd use to describe Bassnectar's new single Other Worlds. I feel like I've used all those words to describe Bassnectar at some point, but not all on the same track. That's a testament to him continuing to expand his reach stylistically while holding on to the Dubstep/Drum and Bass style that got him to where he is now.

Other Worlds and Slather are two teaser tracks that should get you excited for him new forthcoming Reflective EP Part 2 that's rumored to be dropping in December. In case you missed it, Reflective Part 1 was a six song EP that he dropped back in June. On the EP he had another collabo with Dorfex Bos that was equally as dope as the one below in Horizons. Maybe it's my current Stranger Things affliction, but there's something to these outer space sounding, eerie synth vibe tracks like the one below...#OtherWorlds

Bassnectar feat Dorfex Bos - Other Worlds


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