Monday, November 20, 2017

Troyboi & Ekali Let Loose a Tour Favorite

Some of the best music we all end up hearing is a direct result of artists deciding to go on tour together. Case in point Ekali and Troyboi's latest creation Truth. If you've seen Troyboi on tour lately, this track is probably old news to you, but for many this is going to be an introduction.

The collabo hits on all the highlights of what you'd look for for the dynamic duo. You've got the melodic tones from Ekali mixing with the oriental, clangy bounce of Troyboi. It's a fresh instrumental, through and through. It skews more toward the smooth and refined front rather than a bass heavy party starter that both artists are capable of making. Not sure whether this is awesome or frustrating, but this is the type of unreleased track that may never get an official Spotify release. Still, you can't complain about a free download, so let's just say the options to consume are limitless...#Truth

Troyboi x Ekali - Truth


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