Wednesday, November 08, 2017

"Oh, Dear Parachute Parachute, Ya"

Yet another tip of the cap to Skrillex for continuing to produce great music and collaborate with really talented vocalists. This time NSTASIA dialed up Sonny for a steady knocking, tumbling Hip Hop beat on Parachute. Her angelic vocals play up really well with the steady dose of bass and dreamy samples she finds herself surrounded by. It's a pretty down-tempo track for what Skrillex usually puts out, but at this point, I'm beyond trying to put the type of music he's capable of making into a nicely packaged box. The truth is he's blown past the title of DJ and at this core, he's really just a talented music producer. If you're a fan of the one below I'd encourage you to give a listen to NSTASIA's upcoming New Religion album that will be hitting stores next Friday on November 17th...#Parachute

NSTASIA - Parachute (Produced by Skrillex)


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