Saturday, November 18, 2017

"Cause I'm in Love With the Restless Sea"

I've posted so many behind-the-scenes, viral beat-making sessions by Louis Futon that you are hopefully more than a little familiar with his name by now. Side note, his latest Stranger Things inspired effort was particularly dope IMO. Beat-making sessions aside, in between opening for Louis the Child and Odesza, he's been cooking up some new material.

Yesterday he dropped Restless Sea featuring vocals from Opia. Blown away doesn't really explain how pleasantly surprised I was by the track. Everything from the slow burning, emotion dripped drops to the pleading vocals of Opia came together for a really dope track. The whiny guitar riffs and synths post-drop really compliment the head-nod worthy, steady-thumping beat. I foresee myself both rocking out to the beat and singing along, which underscores the likeability of the track. Don't waste anymore time reading these words, join me over at Soundcloud, Spotify, or iTunes where I'll be running laps all around this one this weekend...#RestlessSea

Louis Futon feat Opia - Restless Sea


Teresa Halminton September 18, 2019 at 5:03 AM  

Love the song! Thank you for sharing!
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