Saturday, November 04, 2017

"Bouncin' Around, Bouncin' Around, Bouncin'"

Those of you itching for a new Pharrell album may feel like a new album is long overdue. The good news is he, Shay Haley, and his main squeezes Chad Hugo just rolled out a bouncy new single with Rihanna, so there's a chance your itch may be scratched with Lemon. Between the speaker rattling bass, swaggy raps, and quirky samples, the track is pretty damn catchy. I can't say with complete confidence that this means a new album from N.E.R.D. is on the way, but the rumors are abound. The mysterious No_One Ever Really Dies posters is the strongest indication of an album name I can offer...

Time will tell, but color me excited for more bangin' singles like the one below...#Lemon

N.E.R.D. feat Rihanna - Lemon


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