Saturday, November 11, 2017

"I Walk on Water, But I Ain't No Jesus"

After weeks of rumors circulating about a new Eminem album, we've finally got our first warning shot. Matter of fact, warning shot probably doesn't convey the epic-ness of the track below, it's more like a surprise scud missile. Featuring soulful vocals from Queen Bey herself, Walk on Water amounts to a candlelight therapy session for Eminem. It's as dramatic and introspective as I've ever heard from Em. The quiet intensity is palpable, but I appreciate his restraint in use of vulgarity. Sure there are a few f bombs, but they're intricately placed, rather than napalmed all over the track like he's been known to do.

If this track has taught me anything, it's that Eminem's style is still evolving and he's even more complex than we thought. I'll have to listen to his new single many more times to fully wrap my head around the message, but I appreciate it's depth. If this doesn't get you amped for his upcoming Revival album, then nothing will...#Revival

Eminem feat Beyonce - Walk on Water

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