Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Love Life, Baby Give Me Love Like"

You may have missed it, but recently Major Lazer released a documentary called Give Me Future. The doc is centered around their performance in Havana, Cuba from Spring 2015 when a half a million people ended up showing up at their show. From there, it takes a deep dive into Cuban youth culture, unearthing the impact of improving US/Cuba relations. When watching, you may even be surprised at the hoops Major Lazer needed to jump through to make a Cuban show a reality.

But I digress, the track below is from the soundtrack to the documentary. Love Life is bouncy Reggaeton at its best. Marked by vibrant vocals from Azaryah, the vibe of the track is infectious. Good luck trying to keep your hips from swaying back and forth to the beat too. It's one of many great tracks off the Soundtrack that is worth a dedicated listen on further review...#LoveLife

Major Lazer feat Azaryah - Love Life


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