Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"A Place Where I Can Go, To Take This Off My Shoulders"

Over the years we've all grown accustomed to soundtracks being attached to marquee movies we go see in theaters. That model hasn't evolved much over the years, but in a few weeks we're going to see a twist to the time old model. On December 22nd a Netflix original movie Bright is going to be released for streaming. The movie stars Will Smith and it's a fantasy flick full of orcs and elves that have coexisted with humans for centuries.

I'll admit, it was a tough sell for me too. Both the Netflix only release and reeling in Will Smith for a fantasy cop movie. What makes it even more interesting is the made-for-streaming movie is going to have a full soundtrack. Not just any soundtrack either, it's going to contain tracks like the one below featuring MGK, X Ambassadors, and Bebe Rexha. Home is everything you'd want in a movie anthem. It hits you in feels with a folk hook, stellar female vocals, and a vibrant sing-songy rap vibe. Basically picture your favorite X Ambassadors track with a few awesome Machine Gun Kellly verses and a Bebe Rexha vocal assist. There's a lot to wrap your head around with this one, but if the entire soundtrack is anywhere near as good as what we hear below then we'll all be in for a treat...#Home

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home

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