Friday, November 03, 2017

Videos of the Week Novmeber 3rd

Lots and lots of fun live performances in this week's top five. Leading the way in that category was Odesza who put together a stunning rendition of Line of Sight. Having recently seen them live, I appreciate how they adapted their amphitheater sound to a more intimate setting. Keeping with the late night vibe, Maroon 5 and SZA delivered a fun rendition of What Lovers Do on Fallon. I'll admit I haven't seen much of SZA, so to see her sing live gave me a better feel for massive ceiling as a vocalist. Rounding out the late night trio was Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) of Stranger Things spitting a fiery summary of season one. Having now plowed through the first two seasons, it was enlightening to see the more authentic, raw side of young Eleven.

Pivoting off late night slightly with The Roots in a slightly different context than usual on Fallon. If you've ever seen them perform classroom style on Fallon, then you won't be surprised at how well they handled the space constraints on Tiny Desk. And last, but always the best is a second episode from Odesza's A Moment Apart Tour. I've said it many times, but if you're a fan of electronic music and wish there was more authentic instrumentation mixed with the synthesizers, then Odesza is your answer...#AMomentApart

Odesza Performs Line of Sight on Kimmel

Maroon 5 feat SZA - What Lovers Do Performance on Fallon

Millie Bobby Brown Raps Stranger Things Season 1 Recap on Fallon

The Roots Tiny Desk Concert

Odesza - A Moment Apart Tour Episode 2

Photo Credit: YouTube


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