Tuesday, November 07, 2017

"Come on Spend That Dirty Sexy Money on Me"

The track below is another reminder of how woven into pop culture EDM has become. If you listen to the track below, you'd have to wait a full 45 seconds to have a clue that David Guetta or Afrojack produced the track. The soft keys to open the track and vocal lead in by Charli XCX would lead you to believe Dirty Sexy Money is a ballad. Unsurprisingly it's anything but that with a high energy drop and steadily increasing tempo throughout the track. Unfortunately there's a half minute of filler courtesy of French Montana around the two minute mark, but his presence doesn't entirely sink the potential of the track. It's still a fun track that has some Top 40 potential, so hopefully it leaves a more lasting taste in your mouth than Big League Chew...#DirtySexyMoney

David Guetta & Afrojack feat Charli XCX & French Montana - Dirty Sexy Money


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