Thursday, November 02, 2017

"Take Her Place Tonight, I Need Somebody in the Morning"

Call me smitten with everything A R I Z O N A has put out of late. Maybe it's Zach Hannah's vocals or their bubbly, Indie-pop sound. Whatever the case, I'm bought in, hook, line, and sinker.

Prior to the track below with Don Diablo, I'd characterize their music as chill electro-pop. Take Her Place amps up the electro in electro-pop to new heights. Sure, there's the soothing vocals, but this time with a bit more tempo and even some synthesized vocals to boot. It's not entirely different, just different enough to plat up to the EDM audience. Give it a listen on iTunes or Spotify if you're like me and gobbling up all that A R I Z O N A is putting out of late...#TakeHerPlace

Don Diablo feat A R I Z O N A - Take Her Place


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