Monday, January 09, 2017

Kaytranada Flips TLC's Diggin' on You

A classic TLC tracked flipped by Kaytranada? Yes please! Before you get too excited about the remix, rewind the clock with me for a minute to the original TLC track, Diggin' on You...

Back in the 90s they set the bar for smooth R&B with their sexy vocals. Before you go thinking the remix is going to sound anything like the original, check you expectations at the door. It's more of a sample from Diggin' on You that Kaytranada used as the foundation for a funky break beat. It's these types of beats that put him in a category of his own because there simply aren't many other DJs who can marry deep house and Hip Hop styles together on a beat. This one recently landed on his recent .001% Mixtape that dropped back in September. In case you missed it, give it another lap or two because there are plenty of hidden gems like this sprinkled through the hour and a half tape...#FlippinOnYou

TLC - Flippin' on You (Kaytranada Remix)


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