Friday, January 13, 2017

Videos of the Week January 13th

Strange week for videos in that it was dominated by odd music videos and quirky cover performances. Leading off is marshmello's video for his new single Summer where he shares a moment with Vine star Lele Pons. It's hard to hate on any video at a skating rink, but the added eye candy is always appreciated. Then there was the over the top 80s and creepy video from The Weeknd for Party Monster. Put it this way, his videos make you think that there may be some things going on in his head that we find hard to imagine.

Moving on from music videos with an endearing Fresh Prince Theme cover from Ed Sheeran. His new music is downright dope, so I'll be tuning in to anything his name is attached to in the near future. Speaking of a Midas touch, The Chainsmokers felt the need to release a hype video to drum up some excitement for 2017. No disrespect, but I have a hard time imagining this being as successful as 2016 was. They've proven me wrong many times, though, so I guess nothing should surprise me at this point.

Just when you thought this was turning into a music only post, you knew I had to mix in some silly with Fallon. This time he was on stage with Kevin Bacon doing a word spelling parody of The Kinks 1970s hit Lola. Before you listen, I challenge you to think of as many words that rhyme with Lola. Let's just say they came up with a few more creative things to rhyme than the mental list you just came up with. Needless to say, I'm humming Lola now as I write this, so it'll stick with you...#Lola

marshmello - Summer (Video) (feat Lele Pons)

The Weeknd - Party Monster (Video)

Ed Sheeran Covers The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song

The Chainsmokers Are Out to Slay in 2017

Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon Struggle to Spell Words to the 70s Hit Lola

Photo Credit: YouTube


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