Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Weeknd's Hills Gets Triple Remixed

It sounds silly saying this, but you haven't truly made it until you create a track that someone has triple remixed. What's a triple remix you ask? Good question, it's when you create a track so good that it can be re-imagined three times and still sound fresh. Case in point The Weeknd's The Hills.

Over a year ago, RL Grime slapped his usual Trap treatment on the original, which was deserving of some GWDJ love. The remix must have been awesome because Porter Robinson then took it upon himself to flip it once more into what I'd describe as an ethereal, borderline epic reboot. Then, a YouTube user by the name of Red_ Hokkaido took Porter Robinson's version and transformed it into an even more epic, face-melting version. Better buckle up and hold on before subjecting yourself to the drop on that third mix, kids. This one runs the entire gamut of intensity, which somehow allows it to distinguish itself from the previous two versions. If your head is spinning, that makes two of us, but the good news is you've got three electronic versions to pick from now...#TheHills

Photo Credit: YouTube


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