Tuesday, January 03, 2017

"Yea You Wanna Be Like Me, Like Like Me"

Sometimes an artists' favorite tracks aren't necessarily the fans' favorites, and vice versa. Take for example Baauer's track CandyMan. The folks at LuckyMe Records were all but pleading Baauer (Harry) to add the track to his most recent album Aa. Despite their pleads and the fans of the track on YouTube, it didn't make the cut for the album. But all good things come to those who wait and today we get ourselves a delicious slice of Trap goodness. You won't find any vocals on the track, but the pitchy vocal sample adds enough intrigue to carry the track. It sounds like something Keys N Krates would do and great minds think alike because it comes packed with bounce for days. Feel free and cop the track for free here and peep the long winded story below if you're someone who doesn't like the cliff notes...#CandyMan
"@Baauer made this in the room for Fetty Wap when recording 'Promises'. We have an original take of 'My Way' recorded over this beat. For months we hounded Harry to add it to the 'Aa' album and he made it into a full song. Harry took it off the album track list a couple months before release and we've been watching the YouTube comments ask for a release for months. So, here it is... Baauer one the best doing it." - LuckyMe Records
Baauer - CandyMan


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