Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Savoy Serves Up Some Funk in Living Color

I love it when a band who is known for a certain type of sound switches up their style and it makes you re-think the music they're capable of making. That happened tonight with Savoy, who I generally associate with a more electro-rock sound. I'm thinking a song like The Bridge if you're looking for a frame of reference on EDM/Rock. Anyways, their new track, Living Color, breaks out of that mold with a much funkier, mellower vibe. With a vocal assist from Fatherdude, there's a soulful undercurrent throughout the whole track that I'd never expect from Savoy. I'm going to go back to the drawing board on my expectations for their music going forward and chalk this up to a talented trio boldly breaking the mold of preconceived notions. Heads up on their upcoming five song Tomorrow Today, Part 1 EP that will be landing on e-tailers on February 10th...#LivingColor

Savoy feat Fatherdude - Living Color


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