Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Let's Show Them We Are Better, We Were Staying in Paris"

It's gotten to the point that when The Chainsmokers release a new single, the music world quietly pauses their life and presses play. I don't need to give you the, "I'm so proud of how far they've come speech" because you've gotten that enough from me. What I want to focus on with the release of their new single Paris is their ability to continually grow without losing the stylistic elements of what got them to where they are now.

Paris is more of a quiet duet than a festival banger, but between Drew continuing to flex his vocal muscles with Emily Warren and the underlying Indie tone of the track, there's a lot to appreciate. While some will quickly move on to the next track and dismiss this one because it's not as "catchy", others will admire the depth and nostalgia behind the track. We all long to be places we aren't and Paris seems to capture that sentiment with dead on accuracy. 2017 may have just begun, but something tells me Alex and Drew aren't going to be falling back on their successes from last year. Not sure about y'all, but I'm looking forward to all that is on the horizon for The Chainsmokers...#Paris

The Chainsmokers - Paris


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