Monday, January 23, 2017

TH3RD BRAIN Has Another Star in NoMBe

It's a fact of life that who you associate with can open up doors and create opportunities quicker than people grind hard every day. Not to say that up and comer NoMBe doesn't grind, but you start throwing around the names ZHU, Stephen, and Gallant and I start getting excited. As it turns out, your boy NoMBe from LA plays on the same TH3RD BRAIN team as the aforementioned stellar artists. When you press play on his new one Wait (below), you can expect a tranquil dose of soulful blues. The mix of whiny guitar riffs and sentimental lyrics are a match made in heaven.

Speaking of heaven, you ever had a crush so bad you could be convinced a lady walked right out of heaven? Well, buckle up lonely hearts because this one has a story behind it..

"When I was in middle school I had a huge crush on what was quite literally the girl next door. We were childhood friends and for many years, my fear of tainting our time spent together kept me from telling her how I felt. Everytime I thought: “the night’s still young…” And thus I procrastinated until it was too late.
I sent her the new song “Wait” a few minutes ago and didn’t say anything….Let’s see how it goes lol" - NoMBE

If that story is in fact true, then more power to homie. I hope he got the reply he wanted from his three and a half minute surprise. I know I did and I'm gonna continue to stay on the lookout for his upcoming debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me that is slated to drop at some point this year...#Wait

NoMBe - Wait


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