Monday, January 16, 2017

"Chemistry Means Way More Than Anatomy, She Mad at Me"

Usually I'm a sucker for the inspirational, against all-odds type of tracks that Big Sean usually puts out. His silky smooth delivery and next level wittiness is what puts him in a category by himself as a rapper, but he rarely puts out moody or depressing music. Halfway Off the Balcony definitely fits that description and even though it's not his usual vibe, the mic skills still shine through. My favorite part was when he slowed down the speed of his vocals at the 2:10 mark to add an element of emotion that words can't communicate. It added a unique, screwed type of feel to a track that sounds more Cudi than Sean Don.

Right now this is slated to be track 9 on Big Sean's upcoming album, I Decided. The release comes on the heels of two previous singles, Bounce Back and Moves. You've got about three more weeks to hold on your excitement before the album drops on February 3rd, so don't hesitate to keep the hype train moving along...#HalfwayOffTheBalcony

Big Sean - Halfway Off the Balcony


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