Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"I Don't Wanna Be Your Secret Anymore"

Last week Mija teased a new track that generated a lot of buzz called Secrets. This week, we finally got to hear the Tegan & Sara sampled track in its entirety. I'll start by saying I get that comparing different artists to one another has to be the lowest common denominator of hot takes when reviewing music, but I couldn't help but envision Skrillex when I heard the track below. Everything from the high pitched sample to the frenetic drum and bass rhythm reminded me of his music stylistically. Shoot there were even a few explosive Skrillex-y drops sprinkled throughout that smacked you in the face unapologetically. No doubt, the comparisons are a compliment and Secrets is a hype track that deserves its time in the sun. Go ahead and check it out for free as Mija was gracious enough to provide the .wav and cover art for the track via Dropbox...#Secrets

Mija - Secrets


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I recently purchased the "Ninja Secrets" album and I have to say, I was blown away by the quality of the music. Each track is expertly crafted and showcases the artist's unique style and talent.

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