Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time to Reload the Big Grizmatik

Big Gigantic, GRiZ, and Gramatik combining forces has to be one of the best decisions to combine forces multiple artist have made in EDM. I'd call that a hot take when stacked against the duo of Jack U, but the proof continues to be in the saxy pudding.

Take for example their latest salvo, As We Proceed. There's soul, there's funk, and plenty of quirky synths to add an extra layer of intrigue. They take turns speeding it up and slowing it down to a live band vibe, but it all meshes together to create this really unique blend of old and new. What I mean by that is your parents probably really dig the live band aspects and you are probably loving the drops and added tempo that the electronics bring. It's seemingly the perfect blend of sounds and vibes to bridge generations of music fans, which fascinates me. We can only hope that this is a breadcrumb leading to some sort of album manifestation, but for now I'm cool with running laps around their new one on iTunes and Spotify...#AsWeProceed

Big Grizmatik - As We Proceed


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