Thursday, January 26, 2017

"I Told Him Pull Up On Me, Fasta Than Danica" looks like Major Lazer is taking no prisoners with their onslaught on pop music. Truth be told, their off-the wall, trappy tribal music is what I like most, but I can appreciate their forays into the radio friendly variety. Their new one with PARTYNEXTDOOR and Nicki Minaj isn't quite on the level of Cold Water in terms of replay-ability, but it's catchy enough. If I were to offer one critique, I'd say the hook runs the risk of being overly repetitive, but that's probably what makes it successful.

Another unsurprising, par for the course move for Major Lazer was their lyric video for the song below. Their uses of vibrant color and playful typography is always on point and fun to watch. Make sure and check that out below or iTunes and Spotify for all you hoarders...#RunUp

Major Lazer feat PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minak - Run Up


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