Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"I Just Can't Take it Anymore"

I'm hesitant to characterize Breathe Carolina and Bassjackers new one as Newgrass, but it's a fun mix of chill vocals and thumping bass. I guess that's a bit of a no brainer since the Bassjackers were behind the track, but CADE's somewhat country/folk-ish vocals are what had me thinking Newgrass initially. Yet, the more I listen to Can't Take It and watch the video for it, I'm sold more on it's ability to run the full spectrum of tempo. It's yet another addition to the ridiculous discography that Spinnin' Records is continuing to grow as it maintains it's heavyweight status in the EDM realm. You know the drill, Spotify, iTunes, or better yet the video below for all you visual learners...#CantTakeIt

Breathe Carolina & Bassjackers feat CADE - Cant't Take It


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