Sunday, November 20, 2016

Language Gets a Tempo Boost by Jauz

Remember back in 2012 when everyone was obsessed with Porter Robinson's Language? Well, today, thanks to Jauz we get to relive a bit of that memory with some added tempo. For a refresher and a thin slice of nostalgia, check out the original below...

When it comes to a song telling a story by taking you through chapters with ebbs and flows of emotion regulated by vocals and instrumentation, Language sets the bar.

As far as the remix is concerned, picture the original with a frenetic tempo and a considerable bass boost. My favorite part about the remix, aside from the fact that it's free to download, is that it sounds so different from the original. When it comes to re-imagining a universally loved track, you go big or go home because if you hedge, it will sound too much like something people already like. I realize I'm preaching to the choir a bit with Jauz fans because if you've seen on of his sets in the past few months, a free download of the remix is probably a huge relief. There's nothing better than anticipating the release of a track you've heard live and learning it's a free dl, so enjoy this one y'all...#LanguageRemix

Porter Robinson - Language (Jauz Remix)


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