Thursday, November 10, 2016

Arona Mane Goes Retro Funk on Teardrops

Tracks that are hard to put in a nice neat box genre wise tend to be the tracks I enjoy most. Call it freshness or uniqueness, it's that original sound that pulls from other styles to create a new vibe is what lure me in. Cue up the new one from Arona Mane that pulls in funk samples, House rhythms and even some Hip Hop bass. Teardrops has a throwback sound, but the retro vibe is far from stale. The rolling bass break down around the 2:45 mark hits the spot and takes the track from a fun listen to a must listen. Down with the vanilla music you're listening to right now, give this one a shot...#Teardrops

Arona Mane feat Quinn - Teardrops


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