Friday, November 18, 2016

Videos of the Week November 18th

This was definitely the week for new beginnings and reinterpretations. As far as reinterpretations are concerned, anytime The Roots and Fallon decide to go all acapella and schoolyard instrumental in the classroom, you know it will get some love on this internet property. This time they joined Metallica in a spirited, yet surprisingly accessible version of Enter Sandman. The energy of the track is the same, yet it sounds so different. Sticking with the remixes, I found myself in awe of Sarah Hyland's (of Modern Family) vocal abilities on her cover of The Chainsmokers' with Boyce Avenue. Coming close to Halsey vocally is no small feat and she more than held her own on the duet.

It's becoming routine, but I had to post The Chainsmokers new visuals for All We Know with Phoebe Ryan. They truly have a knack for not only telling stories through their music, but also crafting a matching story visual story that engenders a similar emotional reaction. Love the first person camera perspective of the video, it gave allows the audience to exist in someone else's shoes, if for only three and a half minutes. Switching gears to the new beginnings portion of the top five, meet Amine, a rapper from Portland who burst onto the scene with his recent viral hit Caroline. It was so buzzy that it got him a spot on Fallon and he crushed it! And last, but not least, we've got another (sort of) new beginning with Chocolate Droppa. Sure, it's really Kevin Hart, but he does his best R&B artist impression with the help of Trey Songz on Push It On Me. I'll admit though, I almost lost it when he coasted to a finish acapella in the video 😂...#ChocolateDroppa
The Roots and Metallica Sing Enter Sandman (Classroom Instruments Version)

Boyce Avenue feat Sarah Hyland (of Modern Family) Cover The Chainsmokers & Halsey's Closer

The Chainsmokers feat Phoebe Ryan - All We Know (Video)

Amine Performs Viral Hit Caroline on Fallon
Chocolate Droppa (Kevin Hart) feat Trey Songz - Push It On Me (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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