Sunday, November 13, 2016

"It s War Time, Check Your Wrists (Ready, Kids?)"

After what can only be described as a tumultuous week for people in the US, it's fitting that Run the Jewels stepped up with a new hit to invigorate the protest movement. 2100 is heavy on anti-government bars, but touches on everything from Civil Rights to the threat of nuclear war. Despite the anti-establishment tone, there's a clear underlying message of unification that tries to rise about the negativity that we're all dealing with when we see someone leading us that we don't necessarily agree with. The pitter-patter bars have the velocity and vigor to light a fire, yet the vocals provided by BOOTS provide a calmness that is necessary for the message to get across. You can expect this to surface on their upcoming Run the Jewels 3 album that will be released in the coming months. It's all about unification at this point, so more power to RTJ for using their platform to get people to rise above the divisive messages that have become common whenever we turn on the news...#2100

Run the Jewels feat BOOTS - 2100


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