Monday, November 07, 2016

"All I Wanna Do, Is Keep on Crashing Into You"

Ever since Snakehips' collaboration with Chance the Rapper, I've been eating up everything new they've been putting out. Add another to that list with their recent track featuring the vocals of Aanysa. The tempo, clap of the beat, and rolling bassline remind me a lot of 90s pop tracks. I'm thinking something like Ghost Town DJs My Boo type of vibe and sassy female vocals. Burn Break Crash has such a crisp hook and melody that it's hard to imagine this being passed up by top 40 radio. It's another great example of how Snakehips is able to seamlessly mix in elements of R&B, House, and electronic samples to create a really unique sound. If you feel compelled, here's your chance to own it and chance to find more stuff you might like from Snakehips...#BurnBreakCrash

Aanysa x Snakehips - Burn Break Crash


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