Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Ever Wonder What a Carribbean Rave Would Sound Like?

By now you should be well aware of my affinity for Tropical House. The relaxing rhythms mixed with house music tempo gives the genre an ideal chill vibe. Then there's Tropical rave music, which I was introduced to tonight by W&W. Imagine Trop House, then immediately forget that image and transport yourself to a club south of the border that is blasting balls to the wall trance music. That's the experience you'll get when pressing play below. Carribbean Rave drops the relaxing vibe and replaces it with a rapid steel drum chord progression that's directly aimed at getting you to wild out. Listening to it was a bit of a defamiliarization for me, but I'm betting you won't have the problem of checking your expectations at the door like me, so by all means, enjoy...#CarribbeanRave

W&W - Caribbean Rave


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