Saturday, November 05, 2016

"I Keep Going On and On, Setting Fires to Keep You Warm"

In case you missed it, The Chainsmokers released a new five song Collage EP last week. I'd pause on calling the release newsworthy because it's basically a bundling of their previous four singles and one new song. Even though I may have cheapened the release by not characterizing it as newsworthy, it's worth mentioning that being able to purchase the likes of All We Know, Closer, Inside Out, and Don't Let Me Down on one EP is legendary. Those four songs represent some of their best work and are now to thank for them becoming a pop culture mainstay.

As far as the fifth song on the EP, Setting Fires will have a tough time sitting in the same room as the other four chart topping releases. With the help of XYLØ's vocals, there's plenty of repeatability in the mix to complement the bouncy, but mellow beat cooked up by Alex and Drew. It's not my favorite track they've done, but that's more of a testament to how high of a bar they've set now. Basically, if you've been living under a rock the past six months, do yourself a favor and give Collage a listen because its contents have been driving pop music of late...#Collage

The Chainsmokers feat XYLØ - Setting Fires


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