Wednesday, November 09, 2016

"Floating Through the Silence in My Cold Skin"

Onward and upward with the soothing, ethereal dance music Seven Lions! Call it what you want, lullabye dubstep, Pure Moods with bass or whatever fun adjectives you want to describe the soft, but rhythmic tones that Jeff Montalvo weaves together. Whatever it is, I dig the vibe and I appreciate him introducing us all to the vocal duo of Echos on his new track Cold Skin. Despite the lack of tempo, the soft drop and smooth post-drop chord progression makes this one a memorable effort. After one listen, it was added to the vaunted GWDJ Favorites Spotify playlist. I'd recommend you do the same if you aren't one for buying...#ColdSkin

Seven Lions & Echos - Cold Skin


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