Sunday, November 06, 2016

"Easy Come, Easy Go, Can We Get High? And Take it Slow?"

As the Future Bass movement continues to plow forward as one of the front-line sub-genres of EDM, it's reassuring to hear tracks like Grandtheft's new one. Featuring the noteworthy vocals of Delaney Jane, Easy Go is as bouncy and melodic as you'd hope for before pressing play. It's slow, measured tempo that allows for a healthy ebb and flow between verses and plenty of contrast between the repetitive, high pitched vocal sample and the actual vocals. I especially loved how Grandtheft re-interpreted the vocal sample through instrumentation around the 1:50 mark. It's an easy track to like if you're in the mood for something to nod your head to and put yourself in a good mood. You know the drill, rent or buy if you so choose...#EasyGo

Grandtheft feat Delaney Jane - Easy Go


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