Thursday, November 03, 2016

"Now That I Found You, It's My Ritual"

When an artist comes out and proudly exclaims that a new track is the favorite song they've ever made, fans should probably take notice...especially when their upcoming tour bears the same name. Take marshmello's new one Ritual for example...
That was all the way back in July when he first teased the track featuring the vocals of Wrabel during his live set. My gut reaction to the track is that it's awesome to see marshmello getting into the business of collaborating with talented vocalists. Much of his past music has been solely instrumentation with high pitched vocal samples, which while awesome, can grow old if there's no logical evolution. The track is very progressive house sounding, but the vocals and excitable chord progression make for a solid single. Oh and here's the freshly minted video for the track if you're more of a visual person. Looking forward to seeing some of you late January in SF when marshmello lights up Bill Graham...#Ritual

marshmello feat Wrabel - Ritual


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