Sunday, November 27, 2016

"We Tried Love Today, Let it Rest in Peace"

Anyone who has heard Amba Shepherd's vocals on an EDM track has made a point to find out who she is. For me, that moment happened over six years ago when she chipped in vocals for Porter Robin's Vandalism. She has that angelic, Ellie Goulding softness to her vocals, which sounds really awesome by itself, but also fits quite well over EDM chords.

To this date, she's had lots of feature credits, but this time she's branching out on her own solo single.
Prelude (Rest in Peace) merely confirms what we all figured from our first listen. She's got the talent to make her own music without hopping on other peoples' songs. When you press play below you'll immediately be re-introduced to her vocals before being smacked in the face with a wobbly, deep-house-esque chord progression that immediately reminds you that you're still living in the neighborhood of EDM. My favorite version of her new single is obviously the vocal Radio Edit that mixes all the goodness together, but there's also a four song EP with an extended club edit and instrumental version you might enjoy too. Let's all collectively hope this offering of new music is only the tip of the iceberg and we get to continue to see Amba soak in that limelight on a path to becoming the artist we think she could become...#Prelude

Amba Shepherd - Prelude (Rest in Peace)


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