Tuesday, October 06, 2015

"You've Been Metaphysical"

Follow me off the beaten path to a funky world where bubbly synths, quiet strings and subtle piano chords intersect. Simply put, you're not going to hear a song as unique as Metaphysical this week. Led by the awesome vocals delivered by Janelle Kroll, Autograf managed piece together a really interesting concoction of rhythmic and chill. There are beat breakdowns that will leave you in awe at the cavalcade of upbeat instrumentation that is combined together in harmony. If you frequent this property of the internet, you've probably seen a few Autograf remixes I've posted over the past year. If I ever discounted his talents as residing only in the remix world, I certainly apologize for that oversight. Do your music library a favor and add this unique burst of energy so that you can sleep well tonight knowing your collection just got a bit more interesting...#Metaphysical

Autograf feat Janelle Kroll - Metaphysical


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