Saturday, October 10, 2015

What TIme is It? Hoody Time!

Cincinnati STAND UUUUPPP! Those of you hailing from the glorious state of OH-IO now have a new rising stock on the West Coast to watch. Hoody Time, an up and comer who now calls LA home, just went IN on Marshmello's Home. The feel good beat finally met it's perfect match as Hoody found a way to leverage his massive Instagram following and overall knack for showing people what fun looks like in the video...

The word Home engenders a sense of pride and that's the feeling you get when watching the video. The city horizons sprinkled in throughout the constant stream of imagery work well with the theme of the video. It doesn't hurt that the rapid fire lyrics pour gasoline all over the already hype beat. Consider this an intriguing debut with the hope of much more greatness to come...#HoodyTime
Photo Credit: YouTube


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