Saturday, October 03, 2015

Steve Aoki Takes Us on a 28 Song Odyssey

While I wouldn't call Steve Aoki my favorite EDM artist, I can't help but respect his ability to keep churning out great albums. I don't think anyone would question how stacked from front to back both Neon Future and Neon Future II ended up being and now we're lucky enough to get a 28 track compilation of new tracks and the best of the first two discs.

Neon Future Odyssey is like getting to watch all three Hunger Games at once with bonus scenes added. And here's one of the best bonus scenes featuring the uber talented Borgore. Phenomena is a fun progressive house track with a bubbly chord progression that will suck you right in. Even though it follows the formulaic build up, drop, rinse and repeat, the jubilant synths are what you'll end up remembering. If you're interested in hearing the massive compilation in its entirety, head on over to Soundcloud and turn up the volume...#NeonFutureOdyssey

Steve Aoki & Borgore - Phenomena


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