Sunday, October 11, 2015

"We Keep it 200 Like the Hits From Altuve"

If you would have told me the Houston Astros would be in the playoffs before the MLB season started I would have laughed at you. Fast forward 166 games later and here we are with the 'stros a game away from the American League Championship. Now if only they had a Hip Hop anthem to carry them to the finish line...cue the music...and play...

Yep, you better believe Houston legend Bun B came through with a Houston anthem that showed everyone just how much of a hardcore fan of the team he is. He damn near name dropped their entire 40 man roster while lacing his verses with Astros team-isms. For example, Dallas Keuchel being unstoppable at home and Evan Gattis not wearing batting gloves. It underscores Trill OG's ability to pen quality bars and motivate a fan base that has seemingly been awoken from the dead. Not sure about y'all, but I'll be tuning in tomorrow for game four with the hopes of H-Town moving on in the playoffs...#HustleTown


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