Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Break Up the Sound, Now Blow Up the Bass"

Creating rowdy electronic music seems like a relatively easy thing to do these days. All you need is a catchy chord progression and a bass heavy drop to do the trick. Not so fast! There's another level of organized madness that AutoErotique and Major Lazer just came through that will make you question those preconceived notions. While The Sound does share a lot of the cookie cutter characteristics outlined above, the ghetto blaster grittiness and tribal rhythms are what set it apart. Yes, it definitely goes hard in the paint like your boy Waka Flocka would say. It's rave quality and sure to get the attention of any listener within a block radius. That's the type of power you hope for when two heavyweights like AutoErotique and Major Lazer team up on a track. Chalk one up for the good guys, this one delivered the mail...#TheSound

AutoErotique feat Major Lazer - The Sound


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