Thursday, October 15, 2015

"I'ma Get it Like Whoa"

Despite my on again, off again relationship with Hip Hop there will always be a few notable exceptions. One of them being Logic who always seems to spit on the mic like his next meal depends on his success. What makes him so special you ask? It's the effortless gymnastics he's able to execute as he rolls from one bar to the next. Despite being quick on the lyrical trigger, his delivery doesn't prevent the listener from understanding his message. That's not an easy thing to do without sounding forced, which is why I'm always like bug looking into a lit up light bulb when his music comes on. Shout out to 6ix on the low key production that set the table ever so nicely for Logic to put in work. We're about a month away from The Incredible True Story, which means you have the green light to start ramping up your expectations...#LikeWhoa

Logic - Like Whoa (prod by 6ix)


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