Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baauer Booms and Clangs His Ways Into Our Hearts

There are a select few artists in EDM who can create the feeling of surprise every time you press play on a new track of theirs. For me, Baauer sits atop that list because of the wide variety of samples he uses to make music. Whether it's a boom, clang, echo or slap, Baauer throws the kitchen sink at you with every single.

His newest creation, appropriately titled GoGo!, is every bit as new and novel as you'd expect. The back and forth synths inspire intrigue as he takes you up the mountain, only to push you off the ledge with a monumental drop that booms and clangs, giving way to an edgy synth repetition. I guess you could say that it's an expected deviation from the mean since Baauer takes so much pride in blazing his own trail. Tip of the cap for continuing to question and push the limits what us listeners have grown accustomed to hearing...#GOGO


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