Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kygo Continues to Dazzle on the Keys

It's as if Kygo tapped into a long lost art that a whole generation of music listeners hasn't been given exposure to. If anybody other than him would have made the decision to release piano compositions without vocals, you can bet nobody would care. But now, since Kygo has lit a fire under this new incredible thing called Tropical House, we're all listening with baited breath. I can't in good faith say that five years ago I would be listening and appreciating the intricacies of piano compositions, but that's what makes life so interesting.

Piano Jam 3 is the most mellow of the three and takes a solid two minutes to start gaining some steam. Out of the three Piano Jams, my favorite by far is the first one, but there are parts of each I'm growing to love. For example, the crescendo on #3 around the two minute and 45 sec mark is really cool and the second Piano Jam has a decidedly Gavin DeGraw-esque ebb and flow to it. I'm sure this new one will grow on me more, but I'm more interested in the meta implications of the PJs as a whole tonight. Here's to hoping there are more developed versions of each track like this one and this one...#PianoJam3

Kygo - Piano Jam #3


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